Important to know

Live Black Solidier Fly larvae (Calci Worms) are good for your hens and good for our planet:

  • Health Check: Black Soldier Fly Larvae are not carriers of disease. That means pure, safe dining for your hens.
  • Not invasive: There’s no need to fret about introducing an invasive species, as these flies play nicely in our UK landscape!
  • DEFRA Seal of Approval: DEFRA has confirmed that live Black Soldier Fly larvae are perfectly legit as animal feed. Read more about DEFRA approval here.
  • Safety First: They’re not just safe for your hens to eat, but also for you to handle.

Sustainability Heroes

Unlike other livestock feed, ECOnourish is genuinely sustainable. We’re not just crowing about it for the sake of it; ECOnourish is all about walking the sustainable walk.

How, you ask? Well, let us lay it out for you:

Feed Conversion Champions:

Live Black Fly Solidier larvae (Calci Worms) are practically bursting with essential vitamins and minerals, and knocking out a protein punch to rival Anthony Joshua. This means fowl can convert this into egg production. In short, you need less feed to give them what they need to lay efficiently and make eggs with strong shells and nutrient-rich yolks. Breakfast is on you.

Goodbye Greenhouse Gases:

Farming Black Soldier Fly larvae for animal feed shakes off the need to cultivate other, less sustainable feeds, which have a high carbon footprint. By feeding live insects you’re reducing deforestation and keeping energy use down.

Waste Not, Want Not

ECOnourish is all about getting the most out of life (even the grim bits!). Black Soldier Fly larvae farming repurposes would-be decaying waste (that emits greenhouse gases) into biomass. Basically, we turn waste into nutritious living morsels for your flock.

Protein, Hold the Fishy Business

No more relying on fishmeal for your chicken’s protein fix. Overfishing puts huge pressure on wild fish stocks. Fish can take a deep, bubbly breath of relief.

Lower carbon footprint

Everything about ECOnourish is truly sustainable:

  • A Package of Love: At EcoNourish, our packaging is more than a pretty box. It’s our cardboard nod to sustainability and eco-love.
  • Recyclable Materials: We’ve made sure only fully recyclable materials get the green light here. No nasty elements are crowing around in our packaging.
  • Carbon-Friendly: Every box sent out is a win for lowering our carbon footprint! You’re not just getting top-notch chicken feed—you’re getting a little piece of our world-saving mission.
  • Recycle & Rule the Roost: We encourage everyone to recycle our packaging once it has served its purpose.

Circular economy

A circular economy is all about making the most of the resources we have. And we’ve cracked it.

  • We’ve hatched a game-changing, automated farming system that’s as clever as the slyest hen in the coop! Our innovative approach gives discarded plant-based waste a new lease on life, sending it on a journey of upcycling, before transforming it into the best food for your flock.
  • Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Calci Worms) are superhero bioconverters, turning that upcycled waste into top-notch nosh for your hens in a mega-efficient way.