ECOnourish-ing Your Flock: How to Feed Calci Worms to Chickens & Ducks

Feeding ECOnourish to your beloved flock is so easy, you could do it with one wing tied behind your back. We deliver your live Black Soldier Fly larvae right to your coop in a thoughtfully designed, sealed tube. From there, it’s simple: no-handling live insect feeding that’ll make your birds happy and healthy.

We’ve prepared this handy guide to feeding your flock the live food they were hatched to eat.

Prepare for happy, healthy hens and friends!

How to Feed Calci Worms to Chickens: Our Instructions

Step 1: Weigh & Measure

Hop on over to your tube, behold your wriggly live Black Soldier Fly larvae and lovingly weigh out 10g of larvae for each bird directly into the lid – the perfect eco-measure!

Helpful Hint: Mark this level on the side of the container, just in case you need reminding later on.

Step 2: Deploy Your Secret Weapon

Are you ready for pure, unadulterated feathery delight? Scatter ECOnourish in the direction of your hens. Watch them celebrate their new favourite superfood supplement like they’ve won the bug lottery! You can mix ECOnourish with your regular food, feed it separately as a treat, scatter it while free-ranging, hand-feed, feed in containers or hen-feeders, or use them to tempt your brood back into their coop. The choice is yours!

Step 3: Appreciate the Hen Love

Sit back, relax, and bask in the heartwarming spectacle of happy hens, joyfully engrossed in their eco-feast.

Store with Care: Keep Your Escape Artists Contained!

Safely store your live Black Soldier Fly larvae (Calci Worms) using these simple instructions:

  1. Store the tube at room temperature and in an upright position. Avoid direct sunlight. Your larvae like to keep it cool.
  2. Keep the lid on tightly – these tiny magicians are seasoned escape artists! We like to keep a weight on top of our lid, which keeps them contained.
  3. Use your wriggly pals within 10 days of delivery. Got a few leftovers after that? Don’t panic – serve them to your hens if they’re wriggling. The larvae pupation stage is usually 15 to 17 days – but it’s heat dependent.
  4. Important – do not keep your larvae outside/in outbuildings – in cold conditions, the larvae become less active. To keep them wriggly and exciting for your hens, you must keep them warm. Store them indoors.

In the unlikely event that you keep your larvae long enough that they do pupate, there is nothing to worry about. Black Soldier Flies are non-invasive, do not carry diseases or cause infestations, and cannot hurt you or your flock.

It’s time to have some fun while caring for your flock’s nutritional needs. Bring on the ECOnourish, and let’s make chicken keeping the ultimate eco-friendly adventure!

Find out more about Live Black Soldier Fly larvae (Calci Worms) by clicking the link:

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Value%
Crude Protein17.7
Crude Fat15.3
Crude Fibre4.1
Fatty Acidsg/kg
C:12 Lauric Acid57.3
C:14 Myristic Acid8.5