About Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Calci Worms)


Not your average creepy crawlie. Astonishingly nutritious – rich in protein, calcium & fat- a perfect nutritional supplement for chickens!


The future of animal feed. Climate-friendly waste reducers and incredible bioconverters. Our Calci Worms really are saving the planet.


Hens love foraging and hunting for lively larvae – providing valuable enrichment and stimulating natural instincts. Our Calci Worms are proven to reduce stress.

Our promise: You’ll notice the difference immediately

That’s because the first benefit of feeding them is the enrichment and stimulation of natural instincts, which are scientifically proven to reduce stress and increase natural foraging behaviour.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae (or Hermetia illucens if you’re feeling fancy) are astonishingly nutritious, eco-friendly bugs. They’re the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly – a super exciting insect in agricultural circles. These bugs don’t spread disease, can reduce antimicrobial resistance, enhance health and immunity naturally, and may hold the key to saving our planet…

Feeding Calci Worms to Chickens:
The ECOnourish Benefits

Promotes natural
foraging behaviour

Reduces hen

Boosts gut health &

High in calcium,
minerals and vitamins

Improves feather

High in healthy
protein and fat

How BSF Larvae are Farmed

The BSFL Circular

The Mighty Black Soldier Fly

Join the flock

Give your feathered friends the gift of optimum nutrition and HENtertainment in the form of live Calci Worms.

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Discover more about Calci Worms in our Guide to Calci Worms for Chickens on our Hen Hub

guide to calci worms for chickens
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