The ECOnourish Live Food Subscription Service

About EcoNourish Live Food Subscriptions

At EcoNourish, we’ve cracked the code to the ultimate in simplicity and sustainability with our brilliant subscription system.

Find out all about how it works below. If you’re looking for info on the Calci Worms themselves, you’ll find it in these links.

calci worm delivery

Live Food Subscription Explained

Subscription Options Tailored to Your Coop’s Needs

Choose the perfect match from our spectrum of subscription options:

  • Week by Week Wonders: An excellent choice for those wading into the wonderful world of poultry keeping. Weekly deliveries ensure your hens never go peckish.
  • Fab Fortnight Feeds: Finding weekly quite a spree? Move to the rhythm of our fortnightly deliveries. Just right for keeping your feed stash well-stocked and your hens’ appetites in check.
  • Magnificent Monthly Morsels: Sit back and enjoy the song of your hens with stress-free monthly deliveries. One wholesome delivery to keep your flock fuelled for a month of frolics!

All the Way Via Royal Mail

Good old Royal Mail – the only courier service gallant enough to transport our living products. Relish the peace of mind knowing your subscription will reach your doorstep on a Guaranteed 24-hour delivery, perfectly packaged, and ready to spread the joy amongst your hens.

Firmly at the Helm of your Hen Haven

At ECOnourish, we put you sharply in the driver’s seat. The control of your subscription lies entirely in your hands. Need a breather? Pause the recurring service whenever you wish. Feel like a change? Cancel the service without a hitch. After all, it’s all about freedom and choices in your hen-keeping journey!

Savings All the Way

Now, who doesn’t love a good discount? We’re practically crowing with excitement over the savings our subscribers enjoy. Not only do you enjoy reduced prices for every bird you add – you get discounts for frequency too. A whopping 10% off for weekly subscribers, a spectacular 7.5% for the fortnightly breed, and a neat 5% for those opting for monthly deliveries.

What to expect

We know you’re curious. So we’ve prepared an unboxing video for you! Take a look.

Join the flock

What are you waiting for? Embark on this live food adventure, hit subscribe, and step brightly into a world of jubilant hens and a greener planet!

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