FAQs: The Facts About ECOnourish and Live Insect Feed for Chickens

FAQs: The Facts About ECOnourish and Live Insect Feed for Chickens

Hey, fellow chicken parents! We know you’re passionate about your hens – just like us. So we’ve put together these FAQs to help you better understand our life-changing superfood supplement, ECOnourish!

Who are ECOnourish?

ECOnourish is a family farm business producing live Black Soldier Fly larvae superfood supplements! 🌱 We’re committed to improving the health and wellbeing of hens while protecting our planet through sustainable and circular economy practices. Find out more about us.

Where does ECOnourish come from?

ECOnourish hatches its goodness in Buckinghamshire, UK, lovingly farmed by the ECOinsect super-team and hen-whisperers, Paul and Ann Cartwright! Meet us in this blog post.

What are Black Soldier Fly larvae and why do our chickens cluck about them?

The Black Soldier Fly, known as Hermetia Illucens among our fly-savvy friends, is one amazing insect! The larvae play the eco-hero, recycling organic waste and even starring in animal feeds. Our feathered friends can’t get enough. Read more about Calci Worms here.

How do I feed live larvae to chickens/ducks?

ECOnourish is a superfood supplement that happily wiggles alongside your hens’ regular feed. For the best results, feed daily using 10g of live Black Soldier Fly larvae (aka Calci Worms) per bird! Get full feeding instructions here.

Are Black Soldier Fly larvae the same as Calci Worms?

ou bet! Though the term Calci Worm is eggs-actly right to describe Black Soldier Fly larvae since they’re such a fantastic source of calcium!

Is it legal to feed hens live Black Soldier Fly larvae?

Absolutely! DEFRA has confirmed that live insects can be fed to poultry. However, in the UK, feeding processed (dried) Black Soldier Fly larvae is not permitted. Read more about DEFRA’s approval of live insect feeding here.

Can Black Soldier Fly larvae carry disease?

No way! These little superheroes produce their own microbial peptides to protect themselves against pathogens, boosting your hens’ immune systems when feasted upon! Find out about the amazing Black Soldier Fly in our guide.

Is it safe to touch or handle Black Soldier Fly larvae?

Yes siree! It’s safe to touch and handle these squirmy allies. Just remember to wash your hands with soap and water after contact – hygiene comes first!

How long do the larvae last?

ECOnourish should be used within 10 days of delivery. Got some extra wiggly leftovers? Delight your hens with them within 3 days so long as they’re still wriggling!

What if some of the live Black Soldier Fly larvae escape or turn into flies?

Fret not! These wrigglers aren’t pests, nor do they transmit disease or cause any harm to you, your flock or the ecosystem.

Can I share the joy of ECOnourish with other birds or animals?

COnourish superfood supplements are more than welcome for any domestic fowl seeking the same eco-mazing benefits! Share the love! All insectivorous animals can enjoy Calci Worms. Find out about Calci Worms for Ducks here.

Can my hens survive on ECOnourish alone?

While hens love a good wiggle party, ECOnourish is not intended to replace their normal feed. It’s a supplement! You can replace up to 20% of your chickens’ regular feed with ECOnourish to give them a nutritional boost, gut health, and some extra foraging fun! Get a full explanation in our guide.

What are Black Soldier Fly larvae and why are they important?

The Black Soldier Fly, also known as Hermetia illucens, is a common and widespread fly species. The larvae are greatly beneficial as they assist in recycling organic waste and are also used in the generation of animal feeds. Get the full picture in this guide.

Are Black Soldier Fly larvae safe for wildlife to consume?

Absolutely! The larvae represent a beneficial complement to the diet of various animal species, especially hedgehogs and birds. Since these larvae consume decaying matter, they have actually been employed to reduce animal manure in commercial swine and poultry facilities.

Do Black Soldier Fly larvae pose any threat to wildlife?

 Interestingly, Black Soldier Fly larvae are quite beneficial. First, they are not known disease vectors, minimising the chance of transmitting diseases to wildlife that may consume them. Moreover, this insect species is not attracted to human habitation, which reduces the risk of disease transmission otherwise associated with some other fly species.

Do Black Soldier Flies or their larvae pose any environmental threat?

No, they do not. They are not considered pests, nor do they transmit diseases. In fact, when they mature into adult flies, they continue to play a crucial role in the environment by reducing the presence of other insect pests. Find out why BSF larvae are so environmentally friendly here.

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