Calci Worms for CHICKENS

Calci Worms For Chickens – Your Flock’s New Best Friends

Welcome to the marvellous world of live Black Soldier Fly larvae (a.k.a Calci Worms for chickens), the tiny feeder insects that pack a seriously awesome nutritional punch!

Fear not, fellow eco-chicken keepers; we’ve broken it all down into delightful, easily scannable sections so you can return to serving your feathery masters ASAP. Get ready to discover the many benefits of live food for hens – and watch your flock thrive!

Feeding Calci Worms to Chickens:
The ECOnourish Benefits

Promotes natural
foraging behaviour

Reduces duck

Boosts gut health &

High in calcium,
minerals and vitamins

Improves feather

High in healthy
protein and fat

Calci worms? Calci-What?Demystifying the Black Soldier Fly Larvae

First things first: live Black Soldier Fly larvae and Calci Worms are the same thing (and they also go by Hermetia Illucens if you’re feeling sciency). Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s crack on with the scrumptious details of these magical feeder insects and the benefits of Calci Worms for chickens!


Can Chickens Eat Calci Worms?

Chickens are NOT vegetarians. They’re omnivores. They need animal protein in their diets. In fact, more specifically, they’re INSECTIVORES. They need access to insects. But, most chickens in the UK don’t benefit from eating many insects – because dried and processed insect protein is BANNED from chicken feed by DEFRA. Chickens get lumbered with vegetable and fish protein instead. As a result, nutritional deficiencies in chickens are sadly common.

DEFRA do, however, approve feeding LIVE, UK-farmed, disease-free Black Soldier Fly larvae to hens. And that’s how peckish poultry wants them anyway – scrummy, juicy, wriggly moving targets.

A Nutritional Powerhouse for Your Chickens

High Protein Content

Calci-worms are protein-packed snacks for hens – containing around 42% protein! And we all know how important protein is for energy, muscle growth, feather development, and overall chicken health.

Calcium Boost

They aren’t called Calci Worms for nothin’, folks! These wriggly wonders contain 23 times more calcium than mealworms. A calcium-packed feast that helps support strong bones, eggshell quality, and overall hen health.

Balanced Fatty Acids

With the perfect ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, Calci Worms ensure your hens maintain a glossy coat, top-notch immune system, and heart health. The worms’ munching habits on organic waste materials provide them with a rich, healthy, and natural diet that translates to balanced fat content for your feathered friends.

Boosting Behaviour, Social Skills, and Preening Perfection!

What if we told you that Calci Worms can create an eggsplosion of vitality in your hens immediately? Well, HENgage with these awesome live insect feed benefits:

Natural Behaviour

Supplying live food, like Calci Worms, stimulates hens’ foraging instincts and provides a thrilling activity for pecking, scratching, and hunting.

Social Stimulation

Our promise: Happier hens – guaranteed! You’ll soon see your hens bond over a shared enthusiasm for a Calci Worm feast. And a strong, united flock means a more harmonious and resilient group of backyard chickens! They won’t just bond with each other – they’ll be chasing you for more love (or larvae, you choose what to tell yourself).

Preening Perfection

Calci worms help stimulate hens’ minds and increase their activity levels – reducing stress behaviours like excessive preening, aggression and broodiness.


Calci Worms for Chickens: Health Benefits

It’s not just about vanity, dear hen-keepers. Calci Worms have serious health benefits too! Within three weeks of incorporating live Black Soldier Fly larvae into their diet, you’ll witness:

Shinier Plumage

Increased Vitality

Reduced Disease & Vulnerability to Pathogens

Let’s Sum It All Up!

Live food is THE way to go! Calci worms are here to support your flock’s health, both inside and out. These incredible feeder insects offer a natural and sustainable way to care for your backyard chickens. Try it for yourself – happy hens incoming!


There’s a wealth of scientific research about the benefits of Calci Worms for chickens (AKA Black Soldier Fly Larvae/BSFL). The crucial thing is they must be LIVE. Check out this link for some science and statistics:


Join the flock

Give your feathered friends the gift of optimum nutrition and entertainment in the form of live Calci Worms.

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