Who We Are: Eggs-traordinary Eco-Farmers

About ECOnourish: We’re a small, family-run UK business with an eco-tastic vision: farming Black Soldier Fly larvae, the sustainable superfood supplement that makes hens cluck with joy!

Our innovative process turns brewery and plant-based waste into a nutritiously scrumptious larvae buffet for your backyard egg-layers. Let’s grow hens happier, greener, and cluckier—one larva at a time!

Where the ECOnourish journey began

Our adventure began with a 10x10ft DIY garden shed, where we dove into the wonderful (and wiggly) world of Black Soldier Fly larvae farming. Confidence growing, we scored an Innovate UK Smart Research Grant, turning ECOnourish from dream to reality. 🎉💡

Amid all this, our flock grew by two (twins, no less!), making us a bustling family of seven. Then, three clucky hens joined, pecking us up to a lively group of ten.

About ECOnourish now: Pecking Away at Victory

Following countless pecktacular trials and tribulations, we unlocked the secret recipe for eco-friendly farm-to-feather live insect experiences: Black Soldier Fly larvae hunting in your backyard!

With a prestigious Innovate UK Smart Research Grant in hand and a wing-in-wing partnership with the University of Reading, our state-of-the-art automated farm now delivers live Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Calci Worms) to backyard chickens in need of a superfood boost!

As a top UK supplier, ECOnourish is here to make chicken keeping even more sustainable and hens happy, all while saving our planet one wriggle at a time!

Research-driven: Our Findings

The results of that University of Reading Research are in, and it’s awesome news. Our research-validated that Calci Worms are not just any chicken feed, but a chicken superfood!

Let’s cluck about the benefits:

Hen Health Amplifier: Like a chicken guardian, the larvae help hens to roost strong and resist diseases and pathogens

Gut Health Guru: The larvae work their magic on hens’ gut health and microbiome, promoting overall wellbeing

Stress-Buster: Notice fewer feathers flying around in frustration! Yep, larvae reduce stress behaviours, turning your coop into a zen den

In a nutshell, our research proved that adding a dash of larvae to your hens’ diet brings health, harmony, and happy clucking to your backyard!

Our proud partnerships