About ECOnourish

About ECOnourish

ECOnourish Family

A family business you can trust

Our vision is to transform the lives of hens and their friends and protect the future of our planet – one peck at a time.


We’re a small, family-run business farming a sustainable superfood supplement that just so happens to make hens cluck with joy!


Mr. ECOnourish, Paul, was born and raised on a chicken farm in Zambia. No longer farmers, the entire family are still chicken mad and keep them pets.


Paul is an Agricultural Economist – he has decades of experience in perfecting economically and environmentally sustainable farming practices.

Research Driven

We have proud partnerships with Innovate UK and The University of Reading – we are committed to being the best ECO-farmers we can be.

Pecking Away At Victory

Our adventure began with a passion and a 10ft square garden shed in our Beaconsfield garden.

We dove into the wonderful and wiggly world of Black Soldier Fly larvae, scoring an Innovate UK Smart Research Grant and beginning to turn the ECOnourish dream into a reality.

Amid this new venture, our flock grew by two children (twins, no less!) and four hens, making us a bustling family of 11, including the feathered kids.

Following trials and tribulations, we unlocked the perfect recipe for nutritious, farm-to-feather live insects – converting organic waste (spent brewer’s grain) into a hen superfood through the Black Soldier Fly larvae’ spectacular bioconversion.

As a top UK supplier, ECOnourish is here to make chicken keeping even more sustainable and hens happy, all while saving our planet one wriggle at a time. And we’ve upgraded that garden shed to a plant in the Buckinghamshire countryside.

About EcoNourish - Our Plant

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