Calci Worms for Ducks

Dive into Live Insect Feed for Ducks, Geese & Waterfowl

The Quacking Benefits of Live Black Soldier Fly Larvae aka Calci Worms for Ducks & Geese!

Have you heard about the egg-citing health and behavioural perks of live feeding for your waterfowl? Let’s ruffle some feathers and dive beak-first into the wondrous world of live Black Soldier Fly larvae, aka Calci Worms.

Fear not, we’ve broken down everything you need to know into short, readable sections, focusing on the majestic, nutritional magic of these tiny marvels.

Feeding Calci Worms to Ducks:
The ECOnourish Benefits

Promotes natural
foraging behaviour

Reduces duck

Boosts gut health &

High in calcium,
minerals and vitamins

Improves feather

High in healthy
protein and fat

A Quack Introduction

Just to set the duck-pond straight: live Black Soldier Fly larvae and Calci Worms are the same squiggly friends. These feeder insects are just waiting to crawl their way into your heart and your waterfowl’s bellies!


Why Feed Ducks Live Calci Worms

Protein Packed Morsels

Calci Worms are positively packed with around 42% protein. Essential for feather growth, muscle development and overall health of ducks and other waterfowl.

Calcium Quackers

The ‘calci’ in Calci Worms isn’t just for show! These larvae offer an impressive 23 times the calcium of mealworms. This nutrient is essential for your waterfowl’s bone health and adding a Calci Worm twist is bound to make for a happy pond.

Balanced Fatty Acids For A Healthy Flock

Calci Worms offer the perfect balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, ensuring a sleek plumage, mighty immune system and hearty health for your ducks and geese.

Let’s Talk Live Feed: The Behaviour & Social Benefit

Adopting a diet of live food for your waterfowl can kick up a storm of behavioural and social benefits. Let’s waddle through the details:

Increased Activity Levels

Introducing live food sparks natural instincts in ducks and geese. Watch as your waterfowl engage in a flurry of pecking, foraging, diving and yes – even some funny antics.

Social Bonding Stimulator

Your bird group is bound to bond over a yummy Calci Worm feast. Shared food sources can promote social interaction among your flock, encouraging harmony and unity – even between the divas!

So, Why Calci Worms for your Waterfowl?

Health & Vitality Benefits You Can See!

Here’s what you’ll notice when you introduce live Black Soldier Fly larvae to your waterfowl’s diet.

Glossy Plumage
Increased Vigour
Protection from Pathogens

Live Black Soldier Fly larvae — aka Calci Worms for Ducks — are a nutritional godsend for your ducks and geese in many ways, all while adding some dash to their dash! So, why not add this squiggly delight to your waterfowl’s menu today? They’re all set to quack you up with their larvae-loving antics!


Join the flock

Give your feathered friends the gift of optimum nutrition and entertainment in the form of live Calci Worms.

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