BSFL Success Stories

BSFL Success Stories

BSFL Hen Health Revolution

Explore these incredible success stories from our customers who’ve noticed huge transformations when feeding BSF larvae (Calci Worms) to their flock.

BSF Larvae Giving Hen Fulfilling Final Months

daisy the white sussex hen transformed by live black soldier fly larvae

“Discovering EcoNourish and its Calci Worms has been so beneficial to my small flock. My white Sussex, Daisy was quite poorly when I placed my first order in June. Her transformation was truly remarkable. Her feathers grew back, her appetite improved but most importantly, she became a happy hen again. Although her tumour was terminal, she spent her last 4 months enjoying life. Having seen just how much benefit all my hens gain from your Calci Worms, I wholeheartedly recommend them. Making use of the subscription service is so easy and ensures I don’t run out of them; they are a must-have for my chooks. I must mention that even on her last morning Daisy came out for her Calci Worm breakfast! You couldn’t get a better recommendation than that?!?”

Pamela Hartridge

BSF Larvae Saving a Life

This is NOT an Ad, but I needed to share how impressed I am with @econourish.superfood black soldier fly larvae for hens. I discovered them through @mad4hens post about them. All my chickens love them, but where they’ve really made the difference is in inspiring poorly Selene to eat again! Selene is an ex-caged bird. She suffered something sudden and neurological a few weeks back and I found her unable to use her legs and unable to see anything. She showed me a will to live though. On a course of steroids, she is gradually recovering the use of her legs and I believe she can now see from her left eye but not her right. She drinks by herself but despite being hugely enthusiastic about receiving syringe feeds, was not interested in feeding herself. Until I sprinkled black soldier fly larvae onto her mash – then all of a sudden there was no stopping her! Her depth perception is wonky and there’s a lot of stabbing to find them, but honestly, this product has saved her life as I don’t have time to keep hand feeding twice a day forever so I was facing a difficult decision. Now she has another chance at life as I can be confident that she will eat something even when I’m not there. Hurrah!


BSF Larvae Aiding Recovery

review of bsf larvae for chickens health and recovery

“My mom has been a star the past few days, holding Cheep so I can administer her eye gel. Chickens are so wriggly! The ECOnourish team have been a phenomenal help too – I’m certain that feeding Cheep these creepy little wrigglers daily since Tuesday has aided her recovery. Their support, just like the support so many of you have provided, has helped massively. She’s a very special little lady and I love her very much.”


BSF Larvae Overcoming Social Issues

Hey, we recently bought a trial block of Calci Worms at first 3 of the ladies were unsure what to do with the worms 😅 however they very quickly got to grips with what they were and how delicious they are 😋. Now the girls charge at me flapping and talking for their dose of Calci Worms 🥰. We recently introduced the 2 babies to the 2 teenagers and I have noticed a massive difference since the worms. They now peck at the worms on the ground together and this has really helped mingling. We are 1000% sold on these. They really really have made such an impact plus the teenagers are going through a moult at the moment so that extra protein is certainly needed ❤️. They just can’t get enough of them haha x 🥰🥰🐔 the H Hen house 🐔


review of econourish BSF larvae
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