ECOnourish Pioneers Super Sustainable Domestic Poultry Nutrition Solution

ECOnourish Pioneers Super Sustainable Domestic Poultry Nutrition Solution

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ECOnourish Superfood Tube Containing Live Black Soldier Fly larvae for chickens against Countryside Background with Polish Hen

BEACONSFIELD, UK —ECOnourish has launched a pioneering e-commerce venture exclusively for domestic poultry keepers. By delivering live Black Soldier Fly larvae (BSFL) from farm to coop, they aim to enhance poultry nutrition and well-being whilst promoting sustainability.

ECOnourish’s Innovate UK-funded research conducted by The University of Reading highlights the various advantages of feeding live BSFL to laying hens. In addition to leading the animal feed industry towards net zero, the larvae offer a holistic wellness package that includes natural enrichment, improved well-being and feather condition, reduced stress, disease prevention, excellent gut health, boosted immunity, and optimised nutrition.

Notably, ECOnourish is the only company specialising exclusively in live BSFL for the domestic poultry market. The decision to put all their eggs in this basket stems from a conviction of the unique health benefits of BSFL for poultry.

econourish live larvae
Paul Cartwright
Paul Cartwright, Co-Founder of ECOnourish

Through co-founding ECOnourish, ex-agricultural economist Paul Cartwright drew on his passion for sustainable agriculture and a lifelong love of chickens from his Zambian chicken farm upbringing. By bringing this protein-rich, disease-tackling superfood to a domestic market, ECOnourish is transferring cornerstones of sustainable agriculture from large-scale farms to smallholdings and domestic poultry coops.

“Such monumental potential for poultry health merited a dedicated supply for the one million domestic fowl in the UK,” affirms Cartwright. “The Black Soldier Fly is nature’s remarkable solution to animal health and welfare and nurturing our planet. Our niche focus ensures the paramount quality of larvae for poultry diets – harvesting them at their nutrient-richest, pre-pupal stage and delivering them in optimised portions as verified by poultry nutritionists.”

Cartwright continues, “Incorporating this natural superfood in poultry diets drives an eco-conscious circular economy of giving and receiving from nature – whilst reducing greenhouse emissions and dependence on unsustainable protein sources. We’re helping domestic fowl owners raise happier, healthier birds whilst lowering their carbon footprint.”

ECOnourish has already established itself as a quality and welfare-conscious brand by prioritising customer service and poultry health. The product has gained swift popularity among the poultry community, with exclusively 5* reviews and many enthusiasts endorsing the brand.

By being a dedicated source of live BSF larvae for poultry keepers, ECOnourish is setting benchmarks for the domestic poultry feed market, both in terms of sustainability and dedication to poultry health.

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Paul Cartwright is available for comment at or 07770 454 364.

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