Share the Larvae With Our New Calci Worms Gift Card!

ECOnourish Gift Cards are the perfect chicken-themed gift idea for the poultry-pampering people in your life. Give your chicken-loving loved ones the gift of happy, healthy hens and you”’ always have a place in their heart. You get to play a part in saving the planet, too! Win, win, win.


Seeking the ultimate gift for the chicken-mad loved one in your life? ECOnourish Live Black Soldier Fly Larvae Gift Cards are here to delight poultry enthusiasts! These nutrient-packed treats will turn their feathered friends’ coops into a clucking nirvana.

🐔 Share the Larvae

ECOnourish Live Black Soldier Fly Larvae are brimming with essential nutrients that promote sturdy eggshells and radiant plumage. Health, vitality, disease prevention, full glossy plumage, stress reduction and foraging fun – all in one tasty, planet-saving peck.

🎁 Perfect for Every Occasion:

Gifts for Chicken Keepers: A thoughtful present for dedicated hen caretakers.

Presents for Duck Lovers: Our larvae are perfect for waterfowl – they even float!

Chicken-Themed Presents: They’ll get so much joy watching their flock frolic and forage excitedly for live, wriggly bugs.

Unique Poultry Enthusiast Gifts: There’s nothing original about socks or candles. A tube full of wiggly live bugs, though? Now THAT’s a unique gift for fowl fanciers!

An Ethical, Eco-Friendly Present Idea: If ethical consumerism is your bag, then this is the gift for you. It’s a great way to show your friends how much you care about them and their chickens AND our environment.

A Personalised Chicken Gift: Does anything say “I get you” to a chicken keeper more than the gift of happy, healthy hens?

Quirky Chicken Gift Idea: If you’re on a mission to raise a smile and show off your gift-giving ingenuity, it doesn’t get more unexpected and interesting than live Calci Worms!

Pet Chicken Owner Gifts: We love to spoil our pets. So give your chicken-loving pal the chance to have truly pampered poultry.

Presents for Chicken-Mad People: Perfect for those crazy chicken people – we all know one now, with 1.4 million pet chickens, they’re now the fourth most popular pet!

Chicken Keeper Essentials: This poultry superfood is an all-in-one health, wellness and wellbeing boost for birds. A must-have for chicken keepers.

🌱 ECOnourish: Sharing the Joy of Happy, Healthy Flocks

Celebrate your love for your friends’ feathered friends with our chicken-themed gift cards. We believe in protecting our planet and giving awesome experiences over stuff. If you do, too, give the gift of happy, healthy hens.

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