Econourish Live Larvae Sample – 70g


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Discover happy, healthy hens (and friends) with ECOnourish’s LIVE Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Calci Worms). Enrichment, nutrition and disease prevention in one tasty peck!


Order ECOnourish’s LIVE Black Soldier Fly Larvae (aka Calci Worms for Chickens)

What do you want for your flock? Immune support to protect them from disease? Support during moulting? Help with egg-production issues? Putting an end to inappropriate pecking behaviours? Lustrous feathers and boundless energy? A new way to enrich their lives? All of the above? Our LIVE Black Soldier Fly Larvae, or Calci Worms are the answer to your poultry prayers!

Here’s why:

  • Enrichment: Happier, healthier, busier hens!
  • Gut Health & Immunity: Pre and probiotics, a special fibre called chitin and essential fatty acids improve digestion, reduce gut inflammation and improve their gut microbiota for gut health and immunity.
  • Disease Prevention: Anti-microbial peptides fight bacteria and parasites while powerful anti-viral lauric acid fights common viral diseases – even Avian Influenza.
  • Protein Power & Calcium Kick: Improve plumage and support egg production, bone and beak health when they need it most – like during moulting and intense laying.
  • The Balancing Act: Calci Worms’ Calcium: Phosphorus ratio makes it a unique, natural food that achieves the perfect balance for hens.

But wait, there’s more!

  • Stress Relief: Scientific studies demonstrate reduced hen stress with our Calci Worms. It’s a chill pill for your flock!
  • Social Smarts: Promote harmony amongst your flock by giving them a shared pursuit – something to chatter about. Helps with bonding, integrating new birds and social challenges.
  • Eco-smart: Sustainably reared, our Calci Worms turn you and your flock into garden eco-warriors.

It’s more than a chicken nutrition supplement. This is about delight, enrichment and vitality. It’s the joy of your hens foraging, racing for these nutrient-filled morsels. They’ll run and fly to you when you get out the tube – and they’ll follow you anywhere for them! Very handy for training them to get back into the run. It’s about the satisfaction you feel knowing you’re providing the best while caring for our planet.

So embrace the ECOnourish difference and treat your hens with LIVE Black Soldier Fly Larvae – the holistic health supplement your chickens will peck your hand off for (hopefully not literally).

Additional information

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